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Award Winner Train & Railway Puzzles Math Game

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ll Aboard The World’s First Mathematical Railway! 2018Family Choice Award Winner! The Brain Train is a fun math game with a twist. Each of the twelve track tiles features a number. Use the clues and select the tiles that will allow you to add or subtract numbers to solve the equation.Then connect the tracks to solve the puzzle! There are 40 puzzles to challenge you, with four levels of difficulty. Once you’ve finished building each puzzle, your wind-up train will speed along the tracks. Uses logica ldeduction, numeracy, sequencing, spatial awareness, visual perception, andmore. Children will have fun while learning! The Brain Train – Solve Addition/ Subtraction Math Questions make the Wind Up Train Run! The Happy Puzzle Company 2018 Family Choice Award World’s First Mathematical Railway Game Includes Wind Up Train and 12 Railway Puzzle Tiles. 40 Multi-Level Challenges. Read more on How To Play The Brain Train? Easy to Learn! The playbook includes 40 multiple-level math challenges and the answers. Pick a question and follow the hint on How many tiles you can use? Which basic operations of arithmetic can you use? Addition(+) or Subtraction(-)? What is the answer you should target? How To Play The Brain Train? Easy to Learn! After picking a challenge, choose the tiles that could be put together and answer the question the numbers on the tiles can make, the math answer right the puzzles can make a complete railwayloop How To Play The Brain Train? Easy to Learn! If the combination of numbers on the tiles make the math answer correct, but puzzles can’t make a complete railway loop, then the wind up train will run away… Try another combinationof numbers! How To Play The Brain Train? Easy to Learn! If the math answer iscorrect, and the wind up train can run on the puzzles in a loop, thenCongratulation! You Complete a Challenge!! Try Another Challenge! Pick aChallenge Choose the Railway Tiles Oops! Try Again! You Are Correct! NextChallenge! Learning Math While Playing The Brain Train Has So Much Fun! Playto Learn, and Learn to Play! This Math Board Game is Well-Made, Well-Designed,and Awarded!! The Happy Puzzle Company 2018 Family Choice Award No BatteriesNeeded Wind up train is included. No batteries needed and kids can run italong the tracks for hours! Parents and Kids Really Love It! Let kids learn math while playing the puzzle game. Addition/Subtraction are not an issue after playing The Brain Train. The game also promotes logic and cognitive skills training. Simply Have Fun After playing the game with math rules, kidscan also make their own puzzles and enjoy running the wind up train on therailway map they design by themselves!


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