POOPAROOS Potty Pack Figures


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Pooping pets have never been so cute! Pooparoos are whimsical, squishable friends who love to eat and go poop. Feed your Pooparoos pets, give them a squeeze with both hands and the “food” hilariously poops out! They also like to chomp and hold onto other things, like a pencil or your finger. Triple the cute, squishy fun with this Pooparoos Surprise Multipack -you’ll get to choose one of your Pooparoos pets upon purchase, but the other two hide in potty stalls until you let them out!  Unbox your surprise Pooparoos pets to see which creatures will be your new friends. There are so many fun characters to collect, like a unicorn, bunny and corgi dog, and all of them feature fun neon colors. Each magical multipack comes with ten adorable surprise “foods” that you can feed your Pooparoos pet -and three of them glow in the dark! There are three fun multipacks to collect, so you can create a squad of colorful, cute Pooparoos! Each pack sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.


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